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Driffield Northfield Infant School

Welcome to Year 1! 

On this page you can find out all about what we get up to in Year 1


Welcome to Year 1 2021-2022 

Dalby Forest

The children had so much fun on their first ever school trip! They were so well behaved and made us all super proud. Click on the photos below to see what they got up to!


Well done Year 1!!

The Bumble bee's had a great time at Wolds Gymnastics club and are learning so many new skills whilst they are there! They moved so quickly it was hard to get a good photo :) The gymnastics coaches were so proud of how much confidence they gained using the equipment and also the 'have a go' attitude they had! Well done!!

LEGO DAY - We celebrated by drawing, making, sketching, colouring and building! 

Year 1 love their new outdoor area! How amazing does it look? We are so lucky!