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Driffield Northfield Infant School

Welcome to Year 1! 

On this page you can find out all about what we get up to in Year 1



We danced, painted, created, played with our friends, popped bubbles, watched movies and ate chocolate fingers - all things we chose to do, all things that we love and all things that make us SMILE :)


We hope you all loved hearing about happiness day from the children. Here are some photos of parts of the day.



Welcome to Year 1 2020-2021 - we are so pleased to have you all back!

Below are the Year 2's ...  When they were Year 1's! 2019-2020

During this time of school closure we would like to thank you for your continued support with your child's learning. There are many websites and options for you to access on our school website which provide fun learning activities for your children. 

WOW! We are all very proud of the children who have worked so hard this half term. They have produced some amazing writing of There is No Dragon in this Story. They have also made dragon eyes using clay and made some fabulous BIG art for our dragon displays. 

This half term our topic is 'Fire and Ice' and we are asking Where do Dragons like to live? During this topic we will look at dragons in fairytale stories, complete fact files on Bearded dragons and use ice as a basis for Science investigations. 

So far we have done investigations on how ice melts quickest and how ice is made. We have also thought about ice eggs and how the dragons got inside them as well as completing an investigation to see which method works quickest to get the dragon out. The children really enjoyed this and decided the salt was the quickest method to melt the ice. 


In English we have had a mysterious creature come to Driffield and the Fairytale police asked us to help them with their investigation. The children were brilliant and created descriptions with exciting adjectives and designed missing posters for the characters in Fairytale land help find the dragon.  We are also going to focus on a new story called 'There is no dragon in this story'. 


In Maths we are thinking about number pairs to 20 and using number pairs to 10 to help us. The children have worked really hard on this and should be very proud of themselves, we are certainly proud of them. 


In Art we have tried painting with ice cubes which was both fun and very messy!! The children are now completing a project using the research, design, make, evaluate method to create dragon eyes using clay. The children have done the research and will design their own dragon eye next week. 


There is lots going on in Year 1 this half term, we will add pictures over the coming weeks so you can see what we are getting up to. 

Wow, what a fantastic Christmas party we have had this afternoon. The children enjoyed party games, dancing and party food. They all looked lovely in their outfits and had a great time. 

Year 1 had great fun making nature art during our outdoor learning sessions, they were very creative! The children also checked on the plants with Mrs Eling and found lots of worms in the process!