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Welcome to Year 1! 

On this page you can find out all about what we get up to in Year 1


During this time of school closure we would like to thank you for your continued support with your child's learning. There are many websites and options for you to access on our school website which provide fun learning activities for your children. 

WOW! We are all very proud of the children who have worked so hard this half term. They have produced some amazing writing of There is No Dragon in this Story. They have also made dragon eyes using clay and made some fabulous BIG art for our dragon displays. 

This half term our topic is 'Fire and Ice' and we are asking Where do Dragons like to live? During this topic we will look at dragons in fairytale stories, complete fact files on Bearded dragons and use ice as a basis for Science investigations. 

So far we have done investigations on how ice melts quickest and how ice is made. We have also thought about ice eggs and how the dragons got inside them as well as completing an investigation to see which method works quickest to get the dragon out. The children really enjoyed this and decided the salt was the quickest method to melt the ice. 


In English we have had a mysterious creature come to Driffield and the Fairytale police asked us to help them with their investigation. The children were brilliant and created descriptions with exciting adjectives and designed missing posters for the characters in Fairytale land help find the dragon.  We are also going to focus on a new story called 'There is no dragon in this story'. 


In Maths we are thinking about number pairs to 20 and using number pairs to 10 to help us. The children have worked really hard on this and should be very proud of themselves, we are certainly proud of them. 


In Art we have tried painting with ice cubes which was both fun and very messy!! The children are now completing a project using the research, design, make, evaluate method to create dragon eyes using clay. The children have done the research and will design their own dragon eye next week. 


There is lots going on in Year 1 this half term, we will add pictures over the coming weeks so you can see what we are getting up to. 

Wow, what a fantastic Christmas party we have had this afternoon. The children enjoyed party games, dancing and party food. They all looked lovely in their outfits and had a great time. 

Year 1 had great fun making nature art during our outdoor learning sessions, they were very creative! The children also checked on the plants with Mrs Eling and found lots of worms in the process! 

This week we had a visit from Becky and Di who work at Tesco in Driffield. They brought lots of different fruit for us to taste. The children loved talking about the fruit they like, don't like and the textures of each fruit. 

We have been continuing our topic 'All about me' and thinking about the big question 'What would you like to know about me?' Thank you for sending in pictures and information about what makes them happy, you can see the collages they created on the pictures below. They had a fabulous afternoon making these and the discussion was lovely between the children. 

They also created a mobile about themselves which included their favourite colour, animal and food! 

What a busy start to the new year we have had! We are very proud of how the children have settled in and how they are becoming familiar with the new routines of year 1. We will add photos and information about what we are doing during the year so be sure to check the website regularly to see what we get up to!

The children had a lot of fun den building yesterday! Look how great their creations look...

On Tuesday we had some special visitors from Sam's Safari. They brought some animals for us to look at, hold and touch. There was a tree frog, armadillo, snake, tortoise, leaf insect, millipede and a gerbil. We were fascinated by how some of them move so quickly when we are not expecting it! The children were very good and so careful when handling and touching the animals and they asked some good questions to find out more information.  

The year one children had a brilliant time at the end of year school disco. There was lots of dancing, prizes for the best dancer and even a custard pie game, Miss Hewitt was the chosen member of staff to play this game! Here are some photos of the fun we had. 

Year 1 staff are so proud of all the children from our visit to Dalby Forest. We enjoyed playing on the park, having an ice-lolly and having our lunch together. We also did a walk through the woods and were very excited when we found Zog. 

What a lovely afternoon the Caterpillars have had building minibeast habitats. They had really good ideas and suggestions, well done to them all. They also did some tidying up in the gardening area, which smells lovely now all the flowers are starting to grow. 

We were really lucky to have a visit from All Star cricket to do a taster session. We played some warm up games to begin with and then played a game of cricket at the end. There was some really good batting and fielding skills. Well done everyone. 

Once again, another fantastic outdoor learning session for the Bumble Bee's this afternoon. The children loved making their mini-beast habitats with Mr Holmes and came up with some fantastic creations!

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to the stay and read this morning. It was so lovely to see the children enjoying reading with you all. It was a lovely experience for the children and adults! Click on the photos below to see a larger version.


If you were unable to make it watch out for one in the Summer term at the end of a school day...

This afternoon the Caterpillar class had their gardening and outdoor learning session. They sorted out the planters so they look neat and tidy ready for new plants starting to grow and they also planted lots of new seeds and bulbs. They also did some bird watching, listening for the sounds birds make and learning the names of 12 common birds. 

On Monday 18th March we were very lucky to learn Morris Dancing. We learnt all about the instruments used and lots of different steps. We were given some costumes to wear and we also had bells on our wrists. All the staff were very impressed with how the children picked up the steps and kept to the beat as the did the whole thing at the end. Here are some pictures and videos of our Morris dancing. 

We have been very busy in Year One during the Spring term. We have planted bean seeds and have discussed what plants need to grow and be healthy. To help us understand this, one of the seeds is not going to be watered and one of them is been watered but will stay in a dark cupboard so we can see if they still grow. We will be measuring our bean plants each week and completing a diary to keep track of how much they have grown!  The Bumble Bees have enjoyed doing some bird watching and learned about different bird names and what they look like. Last half term, the Caterpillars completed six weeks of dancing. 


This half term we have started to think about our new topic, Where will our wellies take us? We are travelling to the 7 continents in our magic wellies, so far we have been to Africa where we at the landscape and described different animals we saw on our safari adventure. This week we are wrapping up warm as we travel to Antarctica!



We wrapped up warm and went outside! We went to look for different types of birds. We saw some pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows and seagulls! The children went on a search to find pictures of birds hiding outside and marked off on their clipboards when they found them! With Mrs Eling in the gardening area the children were digging and planting and we have got some HUGE leeks from our garden! 

Do dragons really breathe fire....?

Ask the children what they think! We had a great half term learning about all things fairy tale and dragons (Including real bearded dragons). We helped the fairy tale police solve the mystery of the missing creature, went to a castle in Jack and the beanstalk to see where dragons might live and we learnt about Bearded Dragons too! On Friday afternoons we did a design and technology project to make our own dragon sock puppets, we researched, designed, made and evaluated them - The children were so excited to take them home at the end of the term!

The Bumble Bee's had a lovely Outdoor Learning session on Tuesday afternoon. They made cheerio bird feeders to take home and hang in the their gardens and also did some gardening with Mrs Eling!

We have had a fabulous time today at our Christmas party, the children were brilliant and enjoyed food, drinks, games and lots of dancing. There was even a visit from a very special visitor.............Father Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone. 

We went for a walk down to the church to see the Poppies we made for Remembrance Day - The church looked amazing! 

Year One had a brilliant time at the Wolds Gymnastics Club and really enjoyed their sessions there... A big thank you to all the coaches that helped us and taught us new things! 

We have been very creative during our outdoor learning sessions this term. We used different natural materials such as conkers, leaves, feathers, sticks and stones to make lots of animals. Here are some photos of some of them, can you guess what we made? We also did some gardening with Mrs Eling. She helped us to pick a pumpkin, plant some bulbs and make some bunches of lavender to take home, we hope you liked these.  

We are having a very exciting time in year one. Here is a list of things we have been doing

  1. A visit from the PCSOs.  The children all know how important it is to wear a helmet when out and about riding their bikes and scooters.  The children all sat in the back of the van and tried different police helmets on.
  2. Salt Dough handprints. As we continue with our topic about 'Ourselves' we have made an imprint of our hands in Salt dough which we are going to decorate and bring home. 
  3. Tasting in Science. We have been thinking about our senses in Science and in one lesson we learned about taste. The children tasted some different fruit and vegetables and thought of some adjectives to describe their taste and texture, there were some very funny faces when they tried the lime! 
  4. Fruit and Vegetable portraits. The children looked at the work of artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who paints portraits using different fruts and vegetables to create the features.  We created our own using fruit and vegetables to print with. Who knew a rhubarb would make a good mouth?!

This week we have started to look at the story of Elmer. We looked at the colours and different patterns the other elephants wear on Elmer day. We each designed an Elmer and thought about how the colours make us happy. Here are a few photos to show our amazing designs. 

Year One

And with the Year 2's ...When they were in Year 1!

The children has such a good day at Dalby Forest yesterday! We found the Gruffalo and the Highway Rat on the walk and they loved playing in the park! All the children behaved really well and we are all super proud of them! Well done Year 1!

The Bumble Bees has great fun acting out the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears! Look at how well some of the children did....

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

"It was amazing!" Said Leo

"It was brilliant" Said Amelia

"I loved it" Said Liam

"It was fantastic" Said Ryan


The children have had a great afternoon with Sam's Safari. They brought in a snake, gecko, stick insect, frog, tortoise, hedgehog and a hissing cockroach! The children all got chance to hold or stroke the animals and they learnt all about where they come from and what they eat. It was such an enjoyable and educational afternoon for all the children and they were all very brave and loved every minute of it!