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Learning from Home

Each week the teachers will be providing a simple overview of activities which link directly to some of the things your child would have been learning if school were open. As you will understand, whilst school is closed we are unable to provide learning activities targeted to the individual needs of your child; some tasks will be challenging, others will be easier, just give them a go! These can also be supplemented with other activities on our school website and Facebook or Twitter pages. As we have suggested from the beginning of the school closure, there is absolutely no expectation for children to complete all activities provided and no requirement for a specific amount of work to be completed each day. During these uncertain times it is important that you and your family do what works best for you in your particular circumstances. Do what you can, when you can. The most important thing is that your children are happy, safe and enjoying family time together.

Half Term Activity Ideas

The week commencing 25th May would have been our half term holiday so this week instead of providing structured learning we have listed lots of family fun activities for you to do.  Of course you can still access all the links and website listed towards the bottom of this page.  Have fun!


Scavenger Hunts - Have fun searching for different things around the house, in the garden or whilst on your daily walk:

 Bug Hunt.pdfDownload
 Evidence of Animals Hunt.pdfDownload
 Get Outside - Spend Time with Nature.pdfDownload
 Senses Hunt.pdfDownload
 Wild Flower Bingo.pdfDownload
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Home Learning - Week Beginning 18th May 

This week's learning follows a similar pattern to the previous weeks with links to BBC Bitesize and WhiteRose Maths, along with specific phonics, spelling and topic for each year group.  All the files you need are below along with some other website links you might like to try:

Chester Zoo Virtual Tour - Each day you can virtually visit the zoo, seeing all the different animals in their environments -

CBeebies Bedtime Stories - A range of stories read by different celebrities -

#ThisIsPE - Lots of lessons teaching skills and agility -

The Super Yummy Kitchen - Chef Andrew Walker demonstrates cooking lots of exciting recipes -


 Foundation Stage Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May.pdfDownload
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 Year 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May.pdfDownload
 Y1 Thursday Lesson 4 - Introduce weight and mass 2019.pdfDownload
 Y1 Wenesday Lesson 3 - Measure length (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Y1 Monday Lesson 1 Comapring Length and Height .pdfDownload
 Y1 Tuesday Lesson 2 - Measure length (1) 2019.pdfDownload
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 Year 2 Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May.pdfDownload
 Y2 Monday Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol 2019.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Lesson 2 - Use arrays 2019.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Lesson 3 - The 2 times-table 2019.pdfDownload
 Thursday Lesson 4 - The 5 times-table 2019.pdfDownload
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Home Learning - Week Beginning 11th May

Here are the links for this week's home learning activities for each year group.  There is an overview and a set of resources for each year.  Please note that the activity sheets are no longer available to access on the WhiteRose Maths site, you are only able to access the videos there.  For this reason we have downloaded each days activity onto here for you.  Don't worry if you are unable to print worksheets off, simply write the answers on paper or in the little notebooks we sent home.  We hope you all enjoy learning together this week, but please remember if you have any problems or questions contact school, we are always here to help!

 Foundation Stage home Learning Week Beginning 11th May.pdfDownload
 FS Day-1-The-very-busy-spider.pdfDownload
 FS Day-2-The-very-busy-spider.pdfDownload
 FS Day-3-The-very-busy-spider.pdfDownload
 FS Day-4-The-very-busy-spider.pdfDownload
 FS Day-5-The-very-busy-spider.pdfDownload
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 Year 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May.pdfDownload
 Tree-Identification-Photo-Sheet Year 1.pdfDownload
 Y1 Monday Lesson-1-Add-by-making-10.pdfDownload
 Y1 Tuesday Lesson-2-Subtraction-crossing-10.pdfDownload
 Y1 Wednesday Lesson-3-Subtraction-crossing.pdfDownload
 Y1 Thursday Lesson-4-Compare-number-sentences.pdfDownload
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 Y2 Monday Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-10s.pdfDownload
 Y2 Tuesday Lesson-2-Add-2-digit-numbers.pdfDownload
 Y2 Wednesday Lesson-3-Subtract-2-digit-numbers.pdfDownload
 Y2 Thursday Lesson-4-Bonds-to-100-tens-and-ones.pdfDownload
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 Foundation Stage Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May.pdfDownload
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Here are a range of website links, activities and resources to help you teach your child all about VE day and celebrate whilst staying safe at home:

Mr T Does History - Information and video clips all about World War Two and VE Day - 

Newsround - Child friendly information about VE Day - 

Great British Bunting - Instructions and templates for making bunting to decorate your home -

We'll Meet Again Sing Along - Learn the lyrics to Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again' and join in the nations sing along -

Other VE Day activities and resources:

 VE Day Counting in 2s Dot to Dot.pdfDownload
 VE day ordering numbers 1-20.pdfDownload
 VE Day Powerpoint.pptDownload
 VE Day Reading Comprehension (Different Levels).pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipes.pdfDownload
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Additional Website Links and Activities

To support parents and families here are a range of resources to print off and also a number of web-based resources and activities.  We will endeavour to update these as much as possible but there are lots and lots of resources on the internet so searching for activities for your child's year group will give you many more things to try.


Website links (some sites will need you to log into but all have free access):

Oak National Academy - Daily video  English, Maths, Science and other subject lessons for each year group -

BBC Bitesize - Using BBC iPlayer and the Red Button this provides a range of educational programmes and lessons for each year group -

White Rose Maths - Daily maths lessons for each year group -

Talk 4 Writing - Ideas and activities for writing and story telling 

Foundation Stage

Year 1

Year 2

Numberblocks - A familiar programme the children have used before for learning about numbers -

Espresso - This is a platform the school subscribes to with a wealth of activities for all year groups. The username and password will be sent to you by text -

Oxford Owl ebooks 

ICT Games has a range of activities for different ages and subjects -

Topmarks has a range of activities for different ages and subjects -

Phonics Play has games and activities for phonics and reading which the children are all familiar with -

Twinkl has a huge range of teaching resources and is currently giving free access -

The Body Coach TV At 9am each morning Joe Wicks will lead a 30 minute workout for all age ranges -

Make Time 2 Play - An app to download with activity ideas for different age groups -

Sum Dog - A maths app with free access during school closures -

Sing Up - Learn new songs and music lessons -

Literacy Trust - Stories and poems for different age groups -


Pyjamarama Day - Friday 1st May

Pyjamarama Day is a day to spend in your pyjamas celebrating the bedtime time story and enjoying lots of stories and story based activities. Click here to find out more about the Book Trust and the events they are having on the day.  

This website will help you find lots of stories and see videos of different celebrities and actors telling a wide range of stories:

Here are some resources to help you enjoy the day:

 Decorate the Pyjamas.pdfDownload
 PJ Hero Mask.pdfDownload
 Pyjamarama Create-a-comic-strip.pdfDownload
 Pyjamarama Design-a-book-cover.pdfDownload
 Pyjamarama Horrid Henry Puzzle.pdfDownload
 Pyjamarama Make-a-bookmark.pdfDownload
 pyjamarama rhyming pairs.pdfDownload
 Pyjamarama Where I Sleep.pdfDownload
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Maths Resources - Click here for a range of maths activities and resources

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 NEW Y1 weekly spelling com exc whole year.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 WORD LIST CARDS.pdfDownload
 Y2 summer weekly spellings.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Spring Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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