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Driffield Northfield Infant School

Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage.  This is home to the Ladybirds and the Butterflies.  Here you will find out about all the exciting things we have been learning and see pictures of our exciting adventures.

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We've had a busy week in Foundation Stage this week and have welcomed some special visitors.

First, the Police Community Support Officers came to tell us all about road safety and keeping ourselves safe.  We even got to try on different police hats and explored the police van.

Then Tesco came to tell us about healthy foods, we got to try so much fruit - it was all very tasty!

We all had a great time at Playdale Farm. Here are some photo's of some of the things we got up to.

Sam's Safari paid a visit to our school and brought lots of wonderful animals for us to meet.  The children had the chance to interact with all of the animals. Everyone enjoyed meeting the different species and learning all about them and where they come from.

We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing stories for World Book Day.

The All Stars Cricket Workshop came back to see us this week. This time the Ladybirds had a fun filled time playing games and learning about cricket.

The Foundation children were pleased to welcome their parents and carers into the classroom today for our Stay and Read session.  Lots of parents came to share a book with their child and the session ended with a group story with the Foundation staff.

The Butterfly class had great fun learning all about cricket this week when they took part in the All Stars Cricket Workshop.  They all learnt new skills that they were keen to show us in our outdoor area.

The Ladybird class had lots of fun this week making bird feeders from apples and sunflower seeds.  The children took the feeders home to put in their gardens and have had lots of things to tell us about the birds that have visited them.

On Monday the Morris Minors morris dancers visited the school.  All of the children enjoyed dressing up in the special costumes and learning the dances.

It has been the turn of the Butterfly class to have a go at gardening again this week. As well as planting crocus bulbs, the children made bird feeders from apples and sunflower seeds.  We've enjoyed hearing all about the different birds they have attracted.

This week we have continued to explore ice and it's properties.  We had great fun using frozen paints to create our pictures - it made our hands very cold!

We also became scientists for the day and tested to see what would make the ice melt the fastest.  We put one block in the sunshine, one had warm water poured over it and the other was left on it's own.

We decided to make the most of an unused box and turn it into something amazing!  The children decided it would make a great bus, big enough to fit lots of them in.  They all worked hard to create the wheels, lights and accessories for it.

This week in PE with our Goal Sports coaches, the children were practising their ball skills, throwing and catching and aiming.  They enjoyed playing a game of basketball where they could use all of their new skills.

This week there has been a very exciting special delivery to the Foundation Stage outdoor area, our new car and caravan.  The children have really enjoyed driving each other on amazing adventures!


As part of our big question for this term, 'What would it be like to live in a frozen world?', we have been discovering and observing the properties of ice.  More investigations to follow.

The Ladybird class are looking forward to an exciting Spring term.  Here are some pictures of our visit to the Wolds Gymnastics Club, our nature art session and gardening in our outdoor area - just some of the interesting things we took part in in the Autumn term!

The Butterfly class have been very busy this week!

First we visited Wolds Gymnastic Club where we balanced, stretched and did circuits.

On Tuesday it was our turn to garden - we planted bulbs and learnt all about how plants grow.  We also did outdoor nature art which was lots of fun!  We made animals, cars, flowers and lots more designs all by using resources from outside.

On Wednesday the nurses visited us and showed us how to wash our hands properly - we even got to see the germs using a UV box.

On Thursday we loved having a go at skipping.  We learnt how skipping keeps us fit and healthy.